The Imps & The Tigers

For over 100 years, one of the most anticipated days for new students has been sorting day when they are “sorted” as an IMP or TIGER. When we come together as a school, we wear red to display Rivermont pride, but on special Imp-Tiger days, Imps wear green, and Tigers wear orange.

The auditorium resonates with loud cheers on sorting day as each new student (Pre-K through 12th Grade) draws from the urn to determine which team (or “house”) they will represent. New faculty and staff are also sorted and cheer just as loudly as the students! The only exceptions are the Headmaster and Monty (our lion mascot), who remain neutral and cheer for both teams. Imps and Tigers stay loyal to the same team for life. Even alumni maintain a competitive spirit and cheer for their team at alumni events and on social media. No one is exactly sure when the tradition began, but it is beloved!

Several competitions are held each year, yielding points for each team. Instead of trophies, each participant receives the satisfaction of doing the best for their team, the opportunity to show leadership, and the connection by tradition to thousands of other Imps and Tigers.

Sorting Day image
Teacher with son image