Re-enrollment Process

Rivermont Collegiate uses a process called Continuous Enrollment, which means a student’s enrollment continues year to year until graduation, or the family informs us of intent to withdraw. Continuous Enrollment simplifies the process because there are no forms to fill out. Enrollment is automatic. Families are reminded of this process in December of every year. In March, a $250 enrollment deposit is charged to every returning family that has not notified the school of intent to leave prior to March 1. Families then have until May 1 to notify the school of intent to leave, only forfeiting the enrollment deposit. After May 1, families are committed to enrollment for the following year. 

Families who receive tuition assistance must re-apply for tuition assistance every year. There are limited funds available for tuition assistance, and it is awarded based on eligibility until funds are exhausted. Unless a family experiences a large financial change during the year, they can expect the same award (or very close to it), year to year.  For this reason, families re-applying for tuition assistance should pay close attention to deadlines for submitting tuition assistance applications and tax returns. Complete instructions for re-applying for tuition assistance can be found online.

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