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“At Rivermont, you don’t just get an education – you get a family. You develop strong relationships and your friends remain close to you long after graduation – even if you end up living hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other.” – Cassandra Wylie, Class of 2005

We are proud of our alumni, who carry the knowledge they gained and values they learned here, to college, their careers, their families, and their communities. With a rich history spanning three schools and more than 13 decades, we are fortunate to have so many alumni around the world.

Our goal is to connect and engage all alumni – St. Katharine’s, St. Katharine’s-St. Mark’s, and Rivermont Collegiate. We cherish the memories they share with us from their days at St. Kit’s, SKSM, and Rivermont.

Growing and strengthening our alumni community is very important to us. Help us keep in touch by updating your contact information and sharing your memories with us. We want to hear from you!


Stay Connected

Whether you attended for just one year or every year from Preschool through graduation, you are among our alumni. We would love to hear from you, learn more about your favorite memories, and help you reconnect with old friends, classmates, and faculty.

To update your information, fill out the form below or contact us at 563.359.1366.

Where have you been? Where are you headed? Recently graduated or earned a promotion? Are you married? Having a family? Exploring the world? Changing the world? We want to hear from you!


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    Help Us Reconnect

    With 130 years of history and 3 school names throughout those years, it is a constant challenge to keep up with our alumni. A big part of the School’s story, however, is what takes place in students’ lives as they move beyond our campus and our goal is to connect and engage with all our alumni. We are always eager to get back in touch with former students and hear about the impact Rivermont, St. Katharine’s-St. Mark’s, or St. Katharine’s had on their lives.

    Unfortunately, we have lost contact with the alumni listed below. If you are on the list below (or if you find a name that you know) please help us reconnect by contacting Rivermont at 563.359.1366.

    1940-1949 Missing Alumni

    Barbara Brown Allen
    Nan Bawden
    Betty Belle Brown
    Edna Butzow
    Mary Carlson
    Frances Waring Colflesh
    Barbara Conrad
    Joan Cook
    Kathleen Crampton
    Connie Cristos
    Margaret Dickey
    Lois Fraser
    Louise Funke
    Frances Sigurdson Giddings
    Mary Ann Goetsch
    Diane Muller Gordon
    Kathleen Harper
    Sarah Hempel
    Janette Nobis Howard
    JoAnn Ruddell Koch
    Jacqueline Larson
    Barbara Monroe Leachman
    Sylvia Matthews
    Janet Milsted
    Mary Mitchell
    Nancy Muhs
    Sally Nolen
    Anne O’Hara
    Rosemary Payne
    Genevieve Pilmer
    Sara Porter
    Kathryn Richter
    Joan Runge
    Lenore Schwabe
    Diane Smith
    Sara Stanton
    Mary Strong
    Shirley Tilton
    Gretchen Weitz

    1950-1959 Missing Alumni

    Carol Allison
    Sandra Crabbs Anderson
    Mary Schulte Anderson
    Mary Nichols Arp
    Martha O. Baker
    Loretta Barnhill
    Suzanne Beed
    Marilyn Jane Beinhauer
    Barbara Ann Boeger
    Elizabeth Augustine Boyd
    Stephanie Shevlin Brooke
    Joyce Kraftmeyer Buck
    Jocelyn Carey
    Ann French Chalberg
    Dwithia “Dee” Edwards Clyde
    Carol Cook
    Kathleen Cole
    Sally Cole
    April Anne Clements Coleman
    Sue Flaugher
    Anne Rueffel Gilbert
    Barbara Grossman
    Marcia Hermes
    Rita Hoffman
    Randi Innes
    Diane Isnsee
    Jane Ellen Johnson
    Connie Findley Keiner
    Sheila Murphy Kline
    Shirley Lipsman Kline
    Ruthie Livingston
    Mary Lanctot
    Robin Lorimer
    Adina Claire Lundquist
    Susan McAllister
    Marcia Meyer
    Jane Wilson Nelson
    Eugenia Paps
    Ellen Marshall Pickup
    Betsy Eaton Pittman Pederson
    Meg Schmitt Pollock
    Paula Reinhardt
    Dorothy Ann Robertson
    Wendy Robinson
    Kathleen Walsh Rooney
    Sandra Schroeder
    Karen Schumacher
    Lynne Shearer
    Joan Francis Sherrill
    Dee J. Cappel Silver
    Barbara Butterwick Smith
    Sally Snyder
    Judy Rohlfs Stedman
    Janet Stein
    Susan Pittman Stewart
    Jacqueline Strange
    Susan Goddard Sykes
    Diane Freeman Towner
    Laura Weller
    Diana Wheelock

    1960-1969 Missing Alumni

    Sara Anderson
    Susan Barbee
    Margaret Bean
    Katherine Beck
    Linda Buck Bedard
    Jane Blakely
    Susan Bock
    Susan Nicholson Buchheit
    Mary Sandell Burg
    Martha Burkett
    Derbie Cherry
    Kathleen Daggett
    Barbara DeWitt
    Kathi Reinking DeWitte
    Judy Epstein
    Diane Gibson
    Madeline Gill
    Sarah Goenne
    Nancy Sincox Graff
    Stephanie Hackney
    Georgia Hathaway
    Ann Hendershot
    Marieta Higginbotham
    Judith Huddleston
    Susan Jackson
    Susan Towers Jackson
    Meritt Johann
    Patricia Johnson
    Pamela Lonning King
    Cynthia Kohl
    Roberta Levin
    Jane Logenecker
    Nancy Oliver Maguer
    Julie Withington Maresh
    Patricia Sincox Martinez
    Mitzi Metcalf
    Sandra Mickelson
    Christine Miller
    Martha Huls Myers
    Cynthia Nelson
    Linda Otis
    Sandra Perlmutter
    Mary Perrot
    Charlotte Pettigrew
    Eleanor Pheteplace
    Janet Plummer
    Laurie Steffey Rector
    Stephanie Reid
    Sarah Richardson
    Suzanne Royer
    Katherine Scheid
    Marjorie Seiffert
    Rosemary Shaw
    Sarah Simmons
    Sally Gill Smith
    Susan Spence
    Maribelle Spires
    Carol Steinfeldt
    Martha Robinson Stone
    Sidne Stone
    Susan Strasser
    Connie Teel
    Carol Kagen Walters
    Rose Westbrook
    Ann Wignall
    Katherine Wilson
    Carolyn Wheeler

    1970-1979 Missing Alumni

    Barbara Bell
    Patsy Moran Bernon
    David Burstetta
    Crystal Collins
    Mary Cleveland
    Laurie Clarke Cramer
    Laura Fowler
    Linda Fowler
    Debi Hanley
    Diane Hoffman
    Toshihiko Ishida
    Wilaiwan Kamphangkaew
    Peter Kaufman
    Linda Krouch
    Holly McDonald
    Rebecca Meier
    Peter Moburg
    Molly Monahan
    Kazuhiko Murai
    Sarah Nichols
    Donna Riley
    Kim Schloemer
    Nanette Toops
    Vinida Vangtan
    Voranud Vangtan
    Linda Weatherly

    1980-1989 Missing Alumni

    James Burt
    Alison Bybee
    Carl Costas
    Ann Cook
    James Dietz
    Rosaria Dodge-Vasallo
    Hubert Esser
    Griffith Ferrell
    Debra Fryberger
    Pamela Gillett
    Dante Grondo
    Kathleen Grunwald
    Kelley Hall
    Thomas Hall
    Pamela Hoos
    Thomas Jarrett
    Erik Johnson
    Martha Meersman
    Kirsten Michaelsen
    Scott Robertson

    1990-1999 Missing Alumni

    Sara Den Besten
    Karen Lindquist Ellwood
    Jeff Floro
    Katherine Frink
    Susan Lee
    Michele Marthens
    Kei Matsushita
    Jeanette McIntyre
    Sonya Mehta
    Kathleen Gallagher Morehauser
    Donald Pitz
    Michael Sarginson
    David Syers

    2000-2009 Missing Alumni

    Christina Balmer
    Dong Bing
    Hyeonseong Cho
    Xiao Lei He
    Brandon Keszler
    Dongchang Kim
    Narae Kim
    Seung-il Kim
    Jacob Lee
    Yi Liu
    Lucinda Steele
    Youngbin Tak