International students studying in the honors commons

Rivermont Upper School

9th through 12th Grade

Rivermont’s Upper School provides a rigorous, integrated college prep curriculum in a supportive environment. Our climate of high expectations creates positive peer pressure for excellence in academics, arts, athletics, and character.

Upper School focuses on preparing students with the critical thinking, problem-solving, and writing skills necessary for success in college and the global job market. Upper School curriculum provides an increasing degree of choice and challenge as students progress. A broad base of knowledge in English, history, science, math, foreign language, and the arts is combined with a wide variety of honors, independent study, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Students have the opportunity to earn college credit through both AP courses and Rivermont’s Education Partner Program.

While the curriculum is intensive, much support and assistance is available. Advisors work closely with students to help develop their academic plan and choose the array of courses that best suit their strengths and goals. In addition, Rivermont’s thorough, personalized college counseling program is an invaluable resource, educating every student and family on the intricacies of the college planning process and playing an active role in every phase. Learn more about College Counseling.

The diversity of the Rivermont Experience both in and out of the classroom develops each student into a well-rounded adult. Students are encouraged to stretch themselves, explore new ideas, and take risks in academics, athletics, and arts. Rivermont is a community where all members think – and act – outside the box.

100% of Rivermont graduates are accepted to 4-year colleges and universities. Rivermont graduates are accomplished and independent learners, possessing the knowledge, creativity, confidence, character, and global perspective to meaningfully contribute to their college communities and the world beyond.