Junior & Senior Projects

In order to graduate, every Rivermont student must complete both a Junior Service Project and Senior Project. Both projects provide valuable learning and growth opportunities, as well as strengthen college applications and make a significant impact in the college admissions process.

Junior Service Project

Every 11th Grade student completes a Junior Service Project of their own design. Students select an organization through which to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours of community service, which is accompanied by an essay of background research about the organization and a journal documenting their experience. Students then deliver a formal presentation to Rivermont students, faculty and staff.

In addition to giving students the opportunity to address real human needs, the Junior Service Project pushes them to step beyond the bounds of what they know, experience life beyond the familiar, and interact with people whose way of life is likely significantly different from their own. The experience helps shape thoughtful, caring leaders who have a respect for the world around them.

Senior Project

The Rivermont Senior Project provides students an opportunity to demonstrate their intellect, character, and creativity through a project which connects to their interests or intended field of study in college.

Projects range from running tests at a wastewater treatment plant to shadowing a KWQC-TV6 reporter to observing procedures in a medical lab. Students keep a journal documenting their internship and deliver a formal presentation to faculty prior to graduation. The practical experience gained through this involvement will enhance their high school education beyond the traditional classroom.