Advisory Program for Middle & Upper Schools

A strong advisory program in Middle School develops students socially, academically, and emotionally. Students check in with their advisor each morning and meet formally every week to review grades and assignments, creating an environment to celebrate success and plan for improvement. Advisors also work with students in less structured ways, helping them set goals, develop study habits, become involved in extracurricular activities, and manage their time effectively. The Middle School advisory program’s goal is to empower students to become increasingly responsible and independent as they move towards Upper School.

Beginning in 6th Grade, students work with their advisors to identify their strengths and interests and develop an academic plan. This ensures students are placed in appropriate courses that continually challenge them and set them on a path to success. While we certainly wouldn’t suggest 6th Grade students commit to a college major, identifying strengths and interests early and planning a course of study accordingly ensures opportunities later.

Upper School students remain with the same advisor all four years, ensuring each student is well-known and provided with individual guidance. Students check in with their advisor each morning and meet formally every week. In addition to the student’s faculty advisor, Rivermont’s college counseling program is an invaluable resource. The College Counselor educates every student and family on the intricacies of the college planning process and plays an active role in every phase, from helping students determine where to apply, to researching scholarships and meeting deadlines.