On October 12, the Business Math class at Rivermont experienced an exhilarating journey into finance as they participated in the JA Stock Exchange Challenge. Guided by a community representative, our students delved into the intricacies of the stock market. Little did they know, this experience would pave the way for an impressive victory at the 1st Annual JA Stock Exchange Challenge held at St. Ambrose University.

The Challenge:

Seven students, organized into two teams, embraced the challenge sponsored by Raymond James, RSM, Honkamp, Van Meter, and Per Mar. Competing against over 30 teams from 16 different schools, our students faced the daunting task of building a winning portfolio based on company descriptions provided before the challenge.

The Setting:

The challenge unfolded over a 60-day timeframe, with each day ticking away in 60-second intervals. Multiple screens around the room displayed real-time stock data and performance metrics. Armed with their portfolios, the teams engaged in strategic buying and selling with the guidance of floor traders. However, there was a catch – each team was limited to three transactions at a time.

Strategic Decision-Making:

Our students, comprising Team 1 (Dulce, Queen, Carole, and Ana) and Team 2 (Soulaymane, Amine, and Tahir), demonstrated exceptional strategic decision-making skills. Team 2, in particular, emerged as frontrunners early on and maintained their lead throughout the simulation.

Analytical Skills in Action:

Drawing from their classroom experience, market knowledge, and data analysis abilities, Rivermont students showcased quick and precise judgments. Amidst the fast-paced trading environment, the teams efficiently responded to news releases and alerts, strategically shaping their portfolios.

The Triumph:

Rivermont’s performance did not go unnoticed. Dougal Nelson, President & CEO of JA of the Heartland, showered our students with accolades. In a display of exceptional teamwork and financial acumen, Team 2 secured 1st place, bringing home well-deserved medals and further establishing Rivermont’s reputation for excellence.

The JA Stock Exchange Challenge was not merely a competition but a testament to the dedication, skill, and collaborative spirit of Rivermont’s Business Math students. The valuable lessons learned in finance will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on these students’ academic and professional journeys.