Campus Traffic Flow

Dropping off and picking up students can be tricky unless you are familiar with the traffic flow on campus. The new maps below should help ease congestion and ensure the safe and timely arrival and dismissal of students.

Rivermont Collegiate is located in primarily a residential area with limited access. While our student drop-off and pick-up traffic pattern has streamlined the process, there may be still slight delays, especially in inclement weather which historically has resulted in traffic backing up on 18th Street. In coordination with the Bettendorf Police Department we are requesting parents at drop-off and pick-up times to utilize a different approach to the school using a far less hazardous and busy street.

To avoid the traditional traffic overflow spilling onto 18th Street, Rivermont requests:

  • Parents picking up their student on the Upper Mansion Circle (Middle/Upper School and 1st & 2nd grade students) to approach the school campus from 18th Street.
  • Parents picking up their students at the Lower Becherer Hall location (Early/Lower School excluding grades 1 & 2) to approach the campus via 19th Street.

Once on campus, students can be dropped off or picked up in two main areas designated in this diagram. For student safety considerations, parking is prohibited in all crosswalk areas

Traffice flow on campus diagram
Please note that the Bettendorf Mansion is a registered National Historic Landmark site which limits the school’s ability to change many of the external features of the facility.

Our traffic strategy provides a streamlined approach to expedite traffic by using a continuous flow pattern. If your student is going to be delayed, or if you need a little extra time, please park in the designated areas. Parking along the green or red arrows significantly impedes the traffic flow for all other families.

We realize, the traffic pattern can sometimes be frustrating especially if you are asked to loop around. Crossing guards are stationed at key locations to assist drivers transition back into the flow. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.