International Student Financial Aid Application

The International Student, Financial Aid Application, is designed to gather information from the parents or guardians of international students who wish to attend Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf, Iowa, USA.

When completing the application, it is important to:

  • Answer all questions that apply
  • Convert all currency figures to US dollars ($) before entering them on the form.
  • Submit this form electronically to the Rivermont Collegiate Admissions Office

Section A – Student’s Information- this section pertains to the student who wishes to attend Rivermont Collegiate.

Section B – Parent Information – “parents” means the custodial parent(s) — the parent or parents (or legal guardian) with whom the student lives. If the student’s biological or adoptive parents are divorced or separated, the custodial parent(s) are the parent or parents with whom the student has lived the most during the 12 months prior to filling out the application. If the custodial parent has remarried, “parents” includes the student’s biological/adoptive parent and stepparent.

    Section A - Student Information

    Section B – Parent/Legal Guardian Information

    Applicant 1

    Applicant 2