The new STEAM Center is scheduled to open this fall; now our attention must turn to filling it up. That’s where the 2019 Fund-A-Need Campaign comes in. The goal is to outfit the new space with furniture, equipment, and state-of-the-art technology. We’ve developed a comprehensive wish list of items at all price ranges.

Two ways to participate:

  • Click the Amazon link to view and select the item(s) you wish to donate. Have them shipped directly to the school. Remember to designate Rivermont Collegiate as your Amazon Smile nonprofit of choice.
  • Items not available through Amazon are listed below. Rivermont will purchase these items directly from the supplier. Select the item(s) you wish to donate and click on the appropriate link to pay using your credit card, or by cash/check.

Stock the Science Lab $5,800

Donations to stock the science lab will be used for items such as a spectrophotometer, PH meter, thermal cycler, fume hood, and flasks and beakers.

Photo of dorm bed, chest, and desk.

Dorm Room Furniture Sets (bed, desk, chest of drawers, and foam mattress.)
Need 24 sets ($2,000 per set)

Method 3D Printer by MakerBot
Need 1 ($6,500)

3D Printer Image

Glowforge Pro Laser Cutter and Engraver
Need 1 ($6,000)

Sharper Tools Handheld CNC Router
Need 1 ($2,500)