Rivermont Collegiate International Food Festival FAQs

What type of food should I bring?

This is up to you, sweet, savory, main dish, side dish, or dessert. It can be an old family recipe handed down from generations, a dish representing your birth country, or maybe even a dish that you enjoyed while on vacation. We only ask that you try to bring something that represents another country so that everyone has a chance to try something new and the students have the opportunity to learn about the food culture around the world.

How much food should I provide?

We ask that you bring enough to provide 2-4 dozen sample-sized servings.

Where should I take my dish upon arrival?

Tables will be set up in Becherer Hall in the central area and will be labeled according to world regions. Food Hostesses will help direct you to the right location and help you make sure the dish is labeled with a Food ID Card.

Will there be a table specifically for food allergies?

No. We have tried this in the past and families would rather put their dish on a table labeled with the corresponding region. If you have food allergies, please carefully read the Food ID cards of the dishes you would like to sample and always be aware that cross contamination is possible.

What is a Food ID Card and do I need to use one?

This card helps others to identify the name of the dish and the country of origin. It is also a great way for people to know if a dish contains certain dietary restrictions or food allergens such as soy, milk, nuts, wheat, etc. There is also an opportunity to include your email address if you are willing to share your recipe with others. We ask that all dishes have a Food ID card to make the experience more enjoyable for all in attendance.

Do I need to bring Serving Utensils?

We do have a number of serving spoons and tongs, but if you need to bring something specific to serve your dish, such as a ladle, please make sure to put your name on it so we know who it belongs to.

Will there be a place to sit and eat?

Tables will be set up in the cafeteria for those who need to sit down, but many people choose to stand and mingle as they sample the food.