Rivermont Collegiate Fund-A-Need 21

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Student Flex Space – Need $15,000

The Project

Create a Student Flex Space on the third floor of the mansion. This space will be available for the entire school to use.

The Vision

  • Student store, student lounge
  • Reading and study nooks
  • Game area
  • Performance area


  • School dances and proms
  • Student movie night
  • Studying and socializing
  • Playing games and unwinding
  • Performances and open mic night

Wish List

  • Hardwood floors
  • Small Stage
  • Pinball machines, pool and ping-pong table
  • Gaming and sound system
  • Furniture

Transit Van – Need $25,000

Rivermont Transit Van

We want to add one more transit van to our small fleet. Since last spring, the pandemic halted all school excursions, so we anticipate teachers will be looking for every opportunity to take their students out of the classrooms on learning field trips as soon as they are able. Our athletes will need team transportation, and our boarding students will again board vans to discover our local culture.

The purchase of an additional transit van will further enhance our commitment to providing unparalleled education and the ability to transport our students safely.

Student Technology – Need $5,000

Decorative Image

STEAM-based learning is essential if our students are to become the next generation of leaders. It provides the tools and methods they need to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving. Access to state-of-the-art technology is critical as they discover their path forward.

But, technology moves at the speed of light. Keeping up with it is difficult, if not impossible. It happens about every three years. The tablets our students use become so outdated they are unreliable and difficult to use. Technology in the computer lab and MakerSpace also becomes obsolete. As we add and upgrade programming, there is always a technology wish-list to fill.