All that I am today and everything I have accomplished (including being accepted to medical school), I owe to Rivermont. In college, I was well above my peers in my ability to write essays and critically think. Beyond academics, the person that I am and the friendships I’ve made are because of this school. My best friend from high school is still my best friend, largely due to the close community of Rivermont. At Rivermont, I always felt safe and free to be myself. During vulnerable teenage years, feeling free to be yourself is so important. I highly recommend this school.
Manisha Kumar

Class of 2009

From Preschool through graduation, my teachers nurtured and encouraged my interests, curiosity, and self-expression. The entire school community – parents, faculty, and students – come together to create a uniquely supportive environment in which to learn, create, and grow. I consider myself very fortunate to have spent my formative years among such caring, dedicated people.
Matt Roberts

Class of 1989, Executive Producer of The Late Show with David Letterman, CBS Television

Because of the foreign language foundation at Rivermont, I was able to double major in Elementary Education and Spanish and am now pursuing a bilingual teaching certificate. Rivermont was also a great place to be involved – I cannot think of any other school environment where someone could be in student council, drama productions, cheerleading, and choir at the same time. These activities helped build great friendships and also taught me how to balance the many projects I encounter in my professional life.
Jennifer Neff

Class of 2003

Rivermont has a great learning environment. The sense of community among teachers, parents, students, and staff is genuine and very contagious.
Lesli Shaheen

Former Parent

At Rivermont, you don’t just get an education – you get a family. Teachers teach you, but they also care about you on a personal level and your classmates become your “siblings.” You develop strong relationships and your friends will remain close to you long after graduation – even if you end up living hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other.
Cassandra Wylie

Class of 2005

The writing skills I learned at Rivermont are far superior to those many of my college classmates learned in their high schools. This allowed me to spend less time worrying about how to write a “good” paper and more time about the specific content for the paper.
Elena Foster-Pray

Class of 2008

Simply amazing. A great place to cultivate the intellect, spirit, integrity, creativity, leadership, and mindfulness of a child.
Muna Strasser

Former Parent