Let the Preschool Adventure Begin!

Our wonder-based classroom is inspired by the child-led, inquiry-based learning of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Our students are capable and competent learners ready to engage the world. The preschool classroom meets the demands of these inquiring minds by providing an environment rich in investigations and challenges that provide them opportunities to examine and discover their learning by incorporating empathy, respect, and community through collaboration. Our classroom embraces learning through optimistic techniques that inspire curiosity, exploration, and discovery. The data collected from these experiences guide us in expanding their academic potentials and social-emotional growth. Our students are valued for their voice in our community. They are the heroes of their story within our classroom. Our classroom community reflects together as student, teacher, and parent supporting the learning dynamic as a united front. The teacher works as the mentor, parent as the role model, and student as the honored learner on a journey of limitless exploration of the world, experiences, and its wonders.

A Valued Voice in Learning
Each student is valued for their voice in our classroom and school community. The Reggio Emilia inspired approach and pedagogy embraces your child as a valued learner while keeping the approach to education innovative, inspiring, and globally connected. Our students develop strong social skill sets that support academic growth throughout their early learning years and into elementary. Children need the ability to explore their education by discovering their ideas and creating hypotheses rooted in their innate curiosity of the world around them. We encourage your little one to investigate self-identity through democratic interactions and mirroring social skills, thus encouraging self-discovery. Your child feels valued as his or her education inspires him or her to reach beyond what is heard and seen. Creativity expands their critical thinking capabilities, and their questions are welcomed and celebrated.

Your child has an openness and willingness to explore and discover their classroom, social relationships, and the world around them. In recognizing and honoring their interest in social relationships, their learning focuses on events and situations that challenge your little one’s social-cognitive development through cooperative learning in small and large group settings, social mediation in peer groups, interactions with older students during scheduled play times, establishing routines, using positive reinforcement strategies to support autonomy of toilet training, and valuing their individual interests. Fine and gross motor work is presented through sensory explorations of art materials and loose parts play. Your little one is provided with an opportunity to apply these new knowledge-based learning skills freely throughout the classroom and enjoy these explorations socially.

During our large group time, our class explores the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors in English, Spanish, and ASL, and recognizing our names through songs, games, stories, and other playful discoveries. Families and relationships are at the core of our classroom environment and continue to support the advancements of our growth during these early preschool years.

photo of girl with face paint

Our Preschool program features: