Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Rivermont’s Pre-Kindergarten (3yo) provides children their first step in formal education, making the important transition from family as the primary learning environment to a broader learning community. Our program encourages learning through guided play in a setting rich with activities and sensory experiences. Children learn by doing. Hence Pre-Kindergarten is an active classroom. Students move about the room and explore creative centers in daily play.

Rivermont believes in the importance of cognitive challenges. Our literacy curriculum focuses on the letters and sounds of the alphabet by using multi-sensory techniques.

Linked to our literacy curriculum, Pre-kindergarten students are exposed to a wider world through Rivermont’s wonderful library. In Early School library class our goals are for students to begin to learn about story structure and the parts of a book, use illustrations and other visual elements to understand text, select books to borrow based on personal interests and use library materials responsibly.

Knowing that the world is becoming an increasingly smaller place, Pre-kindergarten curriculum includes weekly exposure to Spanish culture and language. Basic vocabulary, numbers, songs, and stories are presented. This early exposure to foreign language and culture provides a stepping stone to successful foreign language study in Lower School.

The foundation of Rivermont’s Pres-kinderdergen is our philosophy of providing a nurturing and supportive environment in which to learn. Our small class sizes enable faculty to get to know their students. We understand that these students are young, may exhibit separation anxiety, and may have a wide variety of developmental needs.

Rivermont Pre-kindergarten is a wonderful, caring environment for a child’s first exposure to school. Our primary goal is that every student leaves the classroom daily knowing that learning is fun!