Our Mission

Rivermont Collegiate’s mission is to empower academically driven students by cultivating their intellect, character, and creativity.

Three Pillars

  • Intellect: given challenge, guidance, and time becomes wisdom
  • Character: demonstrated through a strong sense of personal and social responsibility
  • Creativity: cultivates innovative thinkers who respond inventively to unknown challenges, unhindered by conventional frameworks

Creativity, combined with Intellect and Character, calls Rivermont Lions to serve others and the world at large.

Our Philosophy

Living a successful and productive life is not determined by how much we know or what we say — but by what we do — and the impact of those actions that remain long after we’ve departed. Rivermont Collegiate’s faculty develop the potential of each student by thoughtfully balancing challenges with encouragement, stimulation with reflection, and structure with freedom. College preparation is not the ceiling to which we reach, but the foundation upon which our students build. We prepare students for success in tomorrow’s world, wherein global economies will be increasingly interdependent, competitive, and will require cross-cultural comfort, as well as the ability to collaborate, resolve conflicts, and tackle shared challenges. Therefore, our vision is to produce smart, thoughtful, hardworking, and tenacious global citizens, who comport themselves with humility and character, and who use their gifts to effect positive changes wherever they go.

Our vision is to combine the above, with our rigorous PS-12th-grade curriculum, a culture of achievement, and the unique inclusion of international boarding students in grades 8-12, delivering a fundamentally unique and world-class educational experience.