Our Mission

Rivermont Collegiate is dedicated to academic excellence and maximizing the potential of each student through a nurturing, stimulating, and structured environment that advances the individual’s intellect, character, and creativity while guiding students on a path of life-long learning, prepared to engage fully in their local, national, and global communities.

Our Vision

Rivermont Collegiate Recognized as the Quad Cities’ Pre-Eminent Provider of Preschool through 12th Grade Education.

Our Beliefs

  • High expectations and standards set the tone for excellence and call students to do their best.
  • Students thrive in an environment where the student to teacher ratio assures personal attention.
  • Partnership with parents develops the potential in each child.
  • Each student has special talents and aptitudes that need to be nurtured and developed.
  • Participation in school activities and programs should be open to all students to explore and develop their talents and interests.
  • Students’ progress through developmental stages that afford the school opportunities to develop skills, deepen knowledge, and nurture creativity.
  • Students develop authentic self-esteem and confidence through diligence, accountability, and personal responsibility for learning, behavior, and attitudes.
  • Education is never complete. It is a life-long process that encompasses the mind, heart, and spirit in tangible experiences in scholarship, service, and performance both artistic and athletic.
  • Students grow and learn from experiences with significant adults who model compassion, scholarship, conviction, and integrity.
  • Diversity of thought and culture within the school community encourages real exchanges of perspectives, and mutual respect and understanding.
  • The future of a democratic society depends upon the intellect, participation, and character of its children.