Rivermont Collegiate: 2021-22 COVID-19 Policy Preview

Message from Mr. Roach, Headmaster

Our admin team has been hard at work preparing for a great year. While many aspects of Rivermont affected by COVID-19 will return to normal, some will stay in place to protect our community. We monitor state, federal, and international developments daily and continue to see shifting circumstances. As a result, making definitive policy decisions at this time would be premature.

In the meantime, Here is what I can tell you. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, as proven across millions of doses around the world. Additionally, according to the CDC, the vaccines have proven to be effective against the now-dominant Delta variant. Nearly all current hospitalizations and deaths are seen in unvaccinated people. My friends who work in the medical profession regularly report that those sick and dying express that they did not take the threat seriously and regret refusing vaccination.

Whether you are young and healthy or have preexisting conditions that place you at risk, I strongly encourage, implore, and yes, beg you to get vaccinated.  We all share the responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our community.  Do your part. Get vaccinated NOW, so you and your family will be protected when we return to classes in person a few short weeks from now.

Expect more details about who will mask and when in mid-August. In the meantime, know that unvaccinated students will likely be required to wear a mask when indoors.