Fourteen high school students from Rivermont Collegiate represent the only group from the Midwest to attend the Knovva Academy Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit in Beijing, February 16-24. Knovva Academy reached out to us specifically due to our rankings. The majority of students received 1/2 to full scholarships to attend. The topic is “Smart Cities & Global Innovation.”

Over the past few years, Rivermont has focused on bringing cultures and customs together in one place, so our students are prepared for the increasingly interconnected world they will navigate. The G20 Summit is an excellent real-world learning platform that will enhance their cultural awareness.

During the summit, students will be immersed in a learning experience designed to develop skills critical to global leadership, diplomacy, and cross-cultural understanding. For the culmination of the five-day program, students act as leaders of nations around the world. Presented with pressing social problems and country-specific information, they are tasked with negotiating favorable outcomes. The program concludes with a structured presentation in which students reflect on the personal relationships built, the international policy expertise acquired, and the diplomatic lessons learned.