Just in time for the holidays, both ACT and the College Board issued press releases that will lead to big changes in next year’s college application cycle beginning September 2018.

ACT announced “starting in September 2018, students from low-income families who take the ACT with fee waivers will be allowed to send ACT score reports for free to colleges and/or scholarship agencies at any time during their college search process” (ACT).

In a similar statement the College Board declared that starting with ‘SAT registration for the 2018-2019 school year… students who take the SAT or the SAT Subject Tests with a fee waiver will be able to send their official score reports to as many institutions as they want—for free.” (College Board).

Fee waivers are available from college counselors. Families must meet the  family income guides based on family size as well as income.

In this year’s application cycle, several colleges and universities had already  implemented their own policy which allowed students to self-report test scores during the application process. Columbia University (and others like the University of Chicago, Wash U and Stanford) was instrumental in leading the push. This is welcome news in the college counseling world where access to higher education is always an important topic of conversation.