Sunday, September 24th, marks Rivermont’s 134th Founder’s Day. As I reflect on that and how the school has weathered many storms, I am called to reflect on the tens of thousands of lives it’s touched. Each of us benefits from 134 years of dedicated parents, hardworking students who went on to make their mark in the world, teachers who dedicated their careers and lives to helping students reach their potential, and community supporters who recognize the value a strong independent school brings to the Quad Cities. In short, our collective efforts now are made possible by those who have come before. Whether they were donors or teachers, parents or students, they gave of their time talent and treasure. Without their effort and care for the school, Rivermont would not exist today.

The housing crisis of 2008 and subsequent economic depression found Rivermont navigating troubled waters. In its 134-year history, such challenges have been conquered time and again. This time – our time – is no different. Our Rivermont has made tremendous progress towards sustainability within the last year, and I’m happy to report that Rivermont entered its 134th year not with a deficit, but with a small cash reserve. The deficit has been cut to a near-sustainable level, and returning teachers received raises. Programs continue to improve. Facilities are being upgraded, and enrollment has increased significantly. This progress has been an exemplary team effort between the board of trustees, faculty, staff, and parents alike.

Last year we launched a campaign entitled, “From Rivermont’s Doors, The World!” Using our #1 rated private school in Iowa ranking we believe that Rivermont is well-positioned to thrive in the coming years. We still need your help and support though. Please feel free to see me or Drew Boster, our Director of Development, for more information about how to invest in Rivermont’s future.

While we’ve made tremendous progress towards sustainability, and we have a clear plan that will ensure the school thrives for another 134 years, there is work yet to be done. Like those who have come before us, we too endeavor to affect change and growth that, although our children will benefit from, will echo throughout the school’s bright future for generations. We all have something to give whether it’s time, talent, and/or treasure.

I’d like to thank the communities of yesteryear, today, and tomorrow. At Rivermont, the future is bright.