Summer at Rivermont

Classes for
Preschool (PS), Jr. Kindergarten (JK), Kindergarten (K)
and Grades 1 through 8

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WEEK 2: June 19-23, 2017

MORNING: 8:30-11:30 a.m.

Grades: PS/JK  |  Dr. Seuss  |  Code: WK2DS  |  Cost: $95
Ever want to know how to talk to the Horton or hang out with Thing 1 and Thing 2? Explore the magical world of Dr. Seuss through writing, art, math, and games.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: K-1  |  Title: Science  |  Code: WK2SCI  |  Cost: $95
This interactive class gets kids thinking and doing science experiments that will dazzle their mind.
(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: 2-4  |  Title: Sculpting  |  Code: WK2SCU  |  Cost: $100
Students will learn how to sculpt creative projects using different forms materials and utensils. The only limitation is the imagination.

Grades: 5-8  |  Title: Computer Construction  |  Code: WK2CC  |  Cost: $95
Have you ever wondered how computers really work? This class is back by popular demand and will fill up quickly. Students will take apart and rebuild computers, and if all goes well, install software in this mechanics driven class.

Grades: 6-8  |  Title: Harry Potter Potions  |  Code: WK2HPP  |  Cost$120
If you know what the Felix Felicis, Hiccoughing, Pepperup, and Polyjuice Potions are, you will love this class. Learn the chemistry behind potions and other Harry Potter chemical concoctions.

AFTERNOON: 12:30-3:30 p.m.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: K-1  |  Title: Engineering  |  Code: WK2ENG  |  Cost: $95
Students in this class will learn basic engineering principles and apply them to their own creations. Bridges, water towers, and buildings are just a few of the many projects students will be creating this week.

Grades: 2-4  |  Title: Painting  |  Code: WK2PAI  |  Cost: $95
Explore the world of Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh in this colorful and creative class.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: 5-8  |  Title: Geography Minecraft  |  Code: WK2GM  |  Cost: $95
Calling all Minecraft lovers!! Come create Minecraft worlds with a geography twist. Limit of 16 students to this camp.

SPORTS CAMP: 3:30-5:00 p.m.

Grades: K-5  |  Title: Volleyball Skills Camp  |  Code: WK2SP  |  Cost: $50

Grades: 6-8)  |  Title: Aikido  |  Code: AKI2  |  $50
Students will learn self-defense, balance, self-control, and ethical conflict resolution, all while having FUN!