Summer at Rivermont

Classes for
Preschool (PS), Jr. Kindergarten (JK), Kindergarten (K)
and Grades 1 through 8

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WEEK 1: June 12-16, 2017

MORNING: 8:30-11:30 a.m.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: PS/JK  | Title: Outer Space | Code: WK1OS  |  Cost: $95
Is Earth, Neptune or Venus your favorite planet? Would you like to dance on the Milky Way? Come and explore the realms of Outer Space through music, art, and games.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: K-1  |  Title: Carnival of Animals  |  Code: WK1COA  |  Cost: $95
Discover the habitat and social bonding of a variety of animals through the music of Carnival of Animals. Students will create crafts each day to represent the animals they discovered.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: 2-3  |  Title: Kids In the Kitchen  |  Code: WK1KIK  |  Cost: $110
Back by popular demand, this fun cooking class is designed to teach kids how to prepare tasty snacks at home. The cost of the class includes food. Each junior cook will take home his/her own recipe at the end of the week. Minimum of 12 kids (Important note for parents regarding food allergies: We strongly urge parents not to sign their student up for a cooking class if he/she has food allergies. We cannot guarantee that all ingredients used in our cooking classes will be allergy free. If your child has food allergies, and wishes to take a cooking class, please make sure to list his/her allergies where indicated on the registration form. Students with indicated food allergies will be asked to sit out of any cooking class scheduled to use ingredients that could cause an allergic reaction.)

Grades: 4-6  |  Title: Literacy Book Camp  |  Code: WK1LBC  |  Cost: $95
This class offers students opportunities to learn and refine their research skills, while developing a small-scale research project during the week. Students will gain access to scholarly resources on the web that they can use for future research projects.

Grades: 6-8  |  Title: Chemistry  |  Code: WK1CHEM  |  Cost: $100
Expand your knowledge of chemical equations with hands-on experiments that will blow your mind.

AFTERNOON: 12:30-3:30 p.m.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: K-1  |  Title: Zoo Crew  |  Code: WK1ZC  |  Cost: $95
Become a zoo keeper in this interactive class that will develop an understanding of zoo animals through music, literature, crafts and dance.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: 2-3  |  Title: Art History  |  Code: WK1AH  |  Cost: $100
We will learn about famous works of art and the artists who made them! Students will explore techniques used by famous artists, and incorporate them into projects. We will also recreate some masterpieces of our own!

Grades: 4-5  |  Title: Planets  |  Code: WK1PLA  |  Cost: $95
Students will explore the planets of the solar system through science, art, music, and literature.

(CLASS IS FULL) Grades: 5-8  |  Title: Star Wars Cooking  |  Code: WK1SWC |  Cost: $120
Break out the light sabers and hop on the Millennium Falcon for some interstellar cooking with a Star Wars theme. The cost of food is included. Maximum of 12 kids.

SPORTS CAMP: 3:30-5:00 P.M.

Grades: K-5  |  Title: Soccer Skills Camp  |  Code: WK1SP  |  Cost: $50
Students will learn and refine soccer techniques with Rivermont Collegiate coaches. Focus on sportsmanship will be central to all activities.