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School Trips

A Rivermont education extends well beyond the classroom, and field trips are a regular occurrence at all grade levels. From museums and theater to farms and labs, students interact with what they are learning and are exposed to new places, new experiences, and new social environments. There are a few major annual trips that highlight what makes the Rivermont Experience unique.

Camp Manito-wish

Located in scenic Boulder Junction, WI, Camp Manito-wish is nestled among hundreds of acres of northern Wisconsin forest, plentiful lakes, and miles of rivers and streams. Following Labor Day weekend, 9th-12th Grade students (along with members of the Rivermont faculty) depart for this beautiful location. While there, students develop their leadership and teamwork skills through a variety of activities that encourage them to embrace new challenges, develop partnerships, and build confidence. Campers tackle both high and low rope courses as well as a variety of wilderness experiences. Students and faculty often describe this trip as a highlight of their Upper School career!

For more information on Camp Manito-wish, visit their website.

Middle School Trip

The Middle School years can be a difficult transition for students as they move from childhood to adolescence and the world around them blossoms with new possibilities and interests. Rotating annually between (1) engineering and science, (2) history, and (3) arts and culture, the Middle School trip expands students' horizons by introducing new experiences outside of the classroom and linking academic learning with real-world applications. In addition, the trip helps build connections and shared memories among students and cultivates a sense of community within the Middle School.

Concordia Language Villages

3rd-6th Grade students are invited each year to attend French or Spanish language immersion camp at the Concordia Language Villages. Visiting Concordia is like entering a new country! Students are fully engaged with the language in a cultural setting. From the moment they arrive, counselors and instructors speak and play only in the chosen language, just as if students were learning from the inside of the country itself. Language and culture come alive through authentic cuisine, sports, arts and crafts, music, and native-speaking staff. Students discover what it means to be a citizen of the world and don't just speak the language - they live it!

For more information on Concordia Language Villages, visit their website.


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