Tuition Assistance Program

2017-18 Scaled Tuition

A commitment to inclusion is an essential element of Rivermont Collegiate's educational philosophy and school culture. Economic diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families, and participation of a wide range of families is critical to the health of the school.

Among our families are those who can afford tuition at the top of the index and whose philanthropic generosity provides a vital component of annual operating expenses. There are also families who manage to pay tuition at the highest level only by making substantial sacrifice, those who are able to afford only minimal tuition, and those across the spectrum in between.

Because the school is determined to make an Rivermont education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds, the school offers a wide range of tuitions. Financial support for scaled tuition is derived from the school's operating budget and unrestricted endowment income, as well as from a group of targeted funds established to support student opportunity.

Grade Level  2017-2018 Tuition  2017-2018 Tuition Ranges 10-Month Payment Ranges** 
Minimum Maximum
PS (3 day) $4,500 NA* NA* $474
PS (5 day) $6,400 NA* NA*  $672
JK $6,400 NA* NA*  $672
K-5 $13,620 $2,724 $13,620  $286 - $1,412
6-8 $14,200  $2,840 $14,200  $299 - $1,470
9-12 $14,780  $2,956 $14,780  $311 - $1,528

*Scaled Tuition not available for Early School grade levels.
**10-Month Payments include tuition insurance cost.

FACTS NN 390 Logo RGBRivermont Collegiate uses FACTS Management to help determine what a family can afford towards the annual Rivermont tuition. Families are encouraged to complete an online application through FACTS. This application can be started at any time during the school application process. Tuition discounts are awarded based on the financial need of the family and do not correspond to determination of eligibility of the student applicant. To start the financial aid application, please <click here>. For more information about how financial aid works, please contact our Assistant Head of School, External Relations and Admissions, Phillip Dunbridge at 563-359-1366 Ext. 302 or

To learn more about FACTS Management, please click the pdf below.

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Flyer - English

FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Flyer - Spanish

Go To the FACTS financial aid application

Rivermont tuition is subject to change each academic year. The following documents outline current tuition and fees, as well as child care services.

Early School (PS-JK) Tuition and Fee Schedule

K-12 Tuition and Fee Schedule

Extended Day Options