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EmoryIn reading over Emory’s report on its fall applications, two things stand out: first, “an increase in quality” in received applications and secondly, an increase in applications of 34% over a three-year period. One third more applications in three years.

“This application season brought a record number of applications for Emory University, numbering right around 24,100 first-year applications. This is a significant increase of about 4,000 applications from the 2016-17 application cycle. This also represents an overall increase in applications of 34% since 2014-15. Additionally, preliminary evaluation of the applicant pool indicates an increase in overall quality as well based on several metrics.”

Dartmouth ShieldAt Dartmouth, Regular Decision applications were actually slightly down, but  hold on, Early Decision applications were up, giving the college its largest (about 2,000 applications) Early Decision pool in its history!

Could two reports out of all the hundreds of colleges and universities, signal a pattern: higher and higher early decision applications in which students bind themselves to accepting and a tighter and tighter college application pool with less and less discernable differences between students based on the traditional college application?

Several actions are accommodating a swerve to binding Early Decision and non-binding Early Action:
A move to earlier (October) FAFSA filing
A summer SAT test administration (August)

The SAT has just announced adding an August administration of the test, placing the exam before the first ACT administration for the first time, presumably for the advantage of students applying Early Decision to get a last test in.

Colleges and universities are increasingly turning to “show me what you have done” to help differentiate applicants by using school specific “lockers” to upload videos, papers, etc., or using sites such as Slideroom or Zeemee.

As noted in the College Blog of Jan 11, everything is moving up in the calendar!

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