What’s happening second semester in college counseling?

9th Grade
Freshman will be taking the new PSAT9 in early March. This is one of a suite of  College Board tests (PSAT9,PSAT10,PSAT, SAT). Students will now be able to track their progress with the same testing vehicle from year to year. Students receive a sample test and workshop, take the test, then meet to review result as a group and individually. None of the PSAT exams are used for college application, only the SAT exam results.

Freshman will also take an ACT Interest and Career inventory and will review their results on a World of Work career wheel.

10th Grade
Sophomores will take the PSAT10 in early March, complete the ACT Interest and Career inventory and also take part in an ICAN (Iowa College Access Network) workshop on career interests.

11th Grade
Juniors are  working their way through many deadlines to complete preparatory college application materials including finalizing their résumé, choosing teacher recommenders, completing an Excel spreadsheet with college choices and writing one of the Common Application essay prompts. Juniors will continue the semester with a Common Application workshop and an essay writing workshop as they explore colleges and universities.

12th Grade
Congratulations Seniors! All members of the Class of 2017 have been admitted to one or more four year colleges/ universities. While seniors are patiently awaiting admissions decisions, they are  continuing to apply for scholarships, to keep up their senior grades, and to work on their senior internships. During 4th quarter, seniors can look forward to College 101. Six to eight outside experts will come to campus to talk about important college topics such as campus safety, college finances, etc.


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