A Punch Card for Scholarships?

You probably have a few reward cards in your wallet that are stamped or punched as you buy a favorite sandwich or cup of coffee- when the card is filled, you get a free cup or a free car wash. Something similar has popped up for college scholarships called you “earn” scholarship dollars with good grades. Uh, isn’t that what regular old fashioned scholarships are based on for the most part?  Well, does not require recommendations or essays or anything else except grades. Sound too good to be true? Probably. It is misleading to some extent since it gives a student the impression that is doing something that colleges and universities don’t do. After admission, colleges automatically consider students for merit scholarships based on grades and tests scores. Does this system help students in a fun way to keep track of grades and encourage high grades or does it focus on grades at the expense of challenging courses?

The two articles below, one from the New York Times and one from The Huffington Post speak to both sides.

See the New York Times Article

See the Huffington Post Article

* For an example, click here.


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