Apples, Oranges and Bananas

We all know not to compare apples to oranges but add bananas to that adage as well. That is what it looks like right now in trying to compare “Old SAT Scores” with “New SAT Scores” with unchanged ACT scores. The old concordance comparing the Critical Reading plus Math scores from the old SAT to the ACT are now replaced with a May 7, 2016 concordance comparing the revised or new SAT with ACT scores. But it isn’t quite that simple. The last old SAT was administered January 23, 2016 and since then only two sittings of the revised SAT have occurred in March and May  

Since you may not venture to read all the numbers we are going to get into, rest assured that as colleges and universities wrestle with the new scores figures for the fall 2016 entering class, they will take all tests submitted into account as they look for students who best fit their institutions. In general, students should send the best scores of any of the tests they take, and colleges will take the best scores of those they are sent.

*Ready for some comparisons?

  • 1200 on the new SAT corresponds to 25 on the ACT.
  • 1300 on the new SAT corresponds to 27 on the ACT.
  • 1400 on the new SAT corresponds to 30 on the ACT.
  • 1500 on the new SAT corresponds to 33 on the ACT.
  • And 1600 on the new SAT still corresponds to a perfect 36 on the ACT.

Students may be cheering about their scores on the new SAT because they be numerically higher than the old SAT they took in January; however, these two tests really cannot be compared at all. They are two entirely different tests as we have written about earlier on The RVMT College Blog.

*New SAT scores versus critical reading and math scores on the old SAT:

  • A new 1200 corresponds to an old 1130.
  • A new 1300 corresponds to an old 1230.
  • A new 1400 corresponds to an old 1340.
  • A new 1500 corresponds to an old 1460.
  • But a new 1600 is just as perfect as an old 1600

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