Counseling Update

Now that college applications are completed and midyear reports are uploaded, seniors are:

  • Monitoring the status of their applications
  • Turning their attention to applying for scholarships
  • Keeping their senior grades up
  • Beginning their senior internships

Juniors have been very busy:

  • Analyzing results of the fall revised PSAT test
  • Preparing for the spring revised SAT
  • Choosing those teachers who will write college recommendations for them next fall
  • Preparing an Excel sheet listing colleges of interest along with application information
  • Completing a second draft of their résumé
  • Signing up for a rising senior conference to schedule classes for fall

Next week sophomores will meet to review the PSAT10 which will be administered March 2nd at Rivermont Collegiate to all sophomores. This is the first year the College Board offered the PSAT10 - the same revised PSAT juniors took in the fall but offered specifically for sophomores at special spring sittings. Sophomores will take home a complete practice test after reviewing the test in a group meeting.

When freshman meet for fall sophomore schedule planning, they will also plan for their junior, and senior years using their individual Graduation Worksheet.


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