What's Up in High School?

What are Seniors Doing?

Seniors have completed their fall individual Senior Conference with Ms. Campbell, the College Counselor and are now finishing Supplementary essays for Common Application schools if required by the school. They are registering for SAT Subjects if their schools require or recommend them. Learn about the SAT Subject Tests

What are Juniors Doing?

Juniors are exploring colleges or universities suggested at their individual  fall College Conference with Ms. Campbell.

What are Sophomores Doing?

Sophomores are invited to attend the college representative visits: tomorrow is Tevin Robbins of the University of Iowa. On October 21 it is Emily Mutchler from Knox College, Galesburg IL and on October 26 it is Jessica Forinash from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

What are Freshmen Doing?

Freshman met with the College Counselor this week to take a first look at their transcripts. The transcripts now list ninth grade classes and are waiting for first semester grades. Students reviewed all the elements that go into a strong college application. As the year progresses, each element of the college application will be addressed in short sessions. Freshmen asked great questions!


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