The College Final Four: MAKING THE CHOICE

March Madness is past, and now May 1st is College Decision Day.

  1. Whittle your list down to one, two, three, or no more than four schools
  2. Make a  Pros and Cons list for each school in your final four
  3. If you have not yet visited a school, make a quick visit or do a virtual tour and make sure you are comparing the same list of strengths and weaknesses of each school.
  4. Consider how much the financial package will factor into your decision, compare financial packages, and use better offers to negotiate with schools with less attractive offers.
  5. Does your list of schools meet your current educational goals, e.g., are you still interested in research, still interested in an athletic offering, or even the same major? Do you have a new minor to consider in the decision?
  6. Factor in the cost of travel beyond tuition, books and housing.
  7. Check if the school has started a Facebook page for your class. This is a way to get a feel for your peers for the next four years.
  8. Email or Skype with students who are attending or who are past alums of schools on your list.
  9. Consider your graduate school plans; sometimes attending in the undergraduate program gives you an edge on graduate admission.
  10. Judiciously consider and balance all the advice (and sometimes conflicting advice) you are going to receive from peers, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, counselors, legacies, etc. and arrive at a decision you are comfortable with for your freshman year. Remember accepting to one school is not irrevocable; transfers are not uncommon.
  11. Approach your decision with the confidence that you are choosing between several excellent and challenging schools and that your admittance to these schools signals the school believes you are a good fit and can succeed.




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