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College Counseling Program

A strong academic advising and college counseling program in Middle and Upper School is essential to preparing our graduates for college. Simply put, college planning at Rivermont begins in Middle School. Beginning in 6th Grade, Rivermont students work with their advisor to identify their strengths and develop an academic plan. This ensures students are placed in courses that continually challenge them and set them on a path for success. While we certainly wouldn't suggest 6th Grade students commit to a college major or career path, identifying strengths and interests early and planning accordingly helps to ensure opportunities later.

Rivermont's curriculum prepares students for success at competitive colleges and universities, while the college counseling program ensures the best match. The program is structured and thorough. Both students and parents receive extensive personalized attention throughout the sometimes complicated college application process. The program includes individual counseling with parents and students, an extensive library of college viewbooks, and visits from a variety of college representatives. In addition, all 12th Grade students embark on a group college visit trip where they're introduced to the college experience while exploring a variety of campuses.

Students are required to research a variety of schools and create spreadsheets to compile their research. They draft and polish their resume and apply to a minimum of six schools (two “safety” schools, two “reach” schools, and two “in between”). The college counseling program coordinates with Rivermont's Education Partner Program, enabling students to take courses at Augustana College, St. Ambrose University, and Western Illinois University while attending Rivermont - click here to learn more about the Education Partner Program.

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Bonnie Campbell
Bonnie Campbell, 
College Counselor, Director of
Student Services, Mandarin Chinese Teacher


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