Rivermont Collegiate Adds 2-Year-Old Program

This winter Rivermont made public its plans to add a boarding component to the High School starting with fall 2017 school year. With the onset of spring comes more good news. The school is adding a 2-year-old program to its Elementary School. The new, loose curriculum based program, will prepare children for preschool and beyond with a unique "Crib to College" approach, guided by the principles of the Reggio Emilia teaching style. The new program features:

  • The choice of 3 or 5, half days or full days per week
  • No requirement for child to be potty trained
  • Access to the resources of the #1 private school in Iowa
  • Same tuition as preschool program

Rivermont Collegiate has seen a marked increase in enrollment for next year and classes are filling fast. Avoid waiting lists, sign your child up early.

For more information, go to our website,, or call 563-359-1366.


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