Rivermont Collegiate Announces Boarding Component

Front View Of The Bettendorf Mansion Optimized

Rivermont Collegiate is excited to announce the School’s return to a boarding component for grades 9-12. Founded in 1884, the School was originally organized as St. Katharine’s School, a boarding and day school.

The initiative called, From Rivermont’s Doors, The World, will attract the best and brightest from the region, the nation, and the world! This initiative comes from Rivermont’s commitment to developing global citizens, who are prepared to tackle 21st century challenges.

Local (day) students of all grades will benefit from Rivermont building on our already-global community. Classroom discussions will benefit from truly global perspectives. Currently, our graduates report being very well prepared for success in college. The lively activities on campus, within the dorms and around our grounds, will improve upon those reports. The campus buzz will now mirror an actual college experience.

Carriage House At Rivermont Collegiate Optimized
The first phase of a multi-phase effort will be to remodel parts of the existing Carriage Houseto accommodate boarding students for the fall of 2017. A more complete vision of the reintroduction of boarding includes new construction of additional residential and academic facilities, and student commons on the Rivermont campus.


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