Rivermont Collegiate outstanding seniors (QC Times)

QCTIMES 2014 Senior Photos

RIVERMONT COLLEGIATE, Bettendorf, has selected these outstanding seniors from its class of six students.


SHRAVYA POTHULA, daughter of Aswartha Pothula and Jyothi Pothula of Rock Island, plans to major in biology, premed at Baylor University/Baylor College of Medicine, Waco, Texas.


  • Creating a free-water filtration system in rural India
  • Completing oncology research at the University of Chicago
  • Winning 2nd Place in the Medicine and Health Division at the Iowa State Fair for cardiology research

ADVICE TO FRESHMAN SELF: If I were to offer advice to my freshman self, I would say to be calm and enjoy the experience. Often in life we keep moving toward a goal and lose sight of the present, so I would emphasize being happy, enjoying every moment, and stressing out less.

FAVORITE MEMORY: The high school experience that I will remember the most is science fair. I have been doing science presentations since freshman year and from those experiences I gained confidence. I have had success in schoolwork but speaking to others and sharing my findings is a very humbling and unique experience.

The Arts

MINGSUI TANG, daughter of Tao Tang and Lan Wang of Bettendorf, plans to major in engineering at Iowa State University, Ames.


  • Honor Roll
  • Headmaster's List
  • “Cutting Edge Award” Q-C Arts Annual High School Invitational President's Award for Educational Achievement
ADVICE TO FRESHMAN SELF: Just enjoy the time with your parents and friends surrounding you right now. While you find happiness from your life, don't forget to learn things from your heart. Don't complete things just because you have to but rather to desire the knowledge. Last, don't let yourself regret not doing something in high school.

FAVORITE MEMORY: Manito-wish, 2014 Rivermont Leadership Camp.  I will remember everything I went through there. From the little details, like getting up early with friends when most people were still sleeping and learning dance from friends, to bigger points, like learning dance from friends, to the bigger points, like learning how to be a leader. I will remember we wrote a list of our goals on a serene night. Even though some goals will not be reached, the most important part is that I had something to strive for.


SUMMER LAWRENCE, daughter of Sherry Maurer and Mike Lawrence of Rock Island, plans to major in biology at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.


  • National Honor Society president
  • Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award in recognition of outstanding commitment to social justice, 2013
  • Headmaster’s List 2010-2014

ADVICE TO FRESHMAN SELF: Sleep is important! Seriously, get as much sleep as you can freshman year so that when you’re up until 2 in the morning finishing an essay and combating senioritis, you can remember the good old days of sleep.

FAVORITE MEMORY: National Honor Society held a murder mystery evening event to raise funds for Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières). As president of NHS, I felt immensely proud of the organization and all the people who took part in what became a three year project.


AMANDA McVEY, daughter of Brian and Karen McVey of Davenport , plans to major in English/Creative writing at Hollins University, Roanoke, Va.


  • National Honor Society
  • Honor Roll
  • George F. Neiley Writing Award

ADVICE TO FRESHMAN SELF: Grades are important, but they're not the only thing that matters. Be involved in more things’ try out for the play again. Don't be afraid to speak up in class since you know what's going on. Most of all, don't stress out too much. Enjoy it!

FAVORITE MEMORY: I'll always remember planning prom with my class last year. The process was stressful, but it was a fun experience altogether. We worked as a team, and I was able to grow closer to my classmates, five lovely women I'll cherish forever.

Math/The Sciences

VICTORIA MBAKWE, daughter of Uche and Casey Mbakwe of Davenport, plans to major in materials science and engineering at University of Pittsburgh, Pa.


  • University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Science Award
  • Rivermont Collegiate Dr. Novello Technology Award
  • Optimist International Essay Contest Winner

ADVICE TO FRESHMAN SELF: Time is your friend, not your enemy. Procrastination will harm you if you fail to manage your time well and not do things in order of priority. Great time management will help you meet homework assignment due dates, and most importantly, college application deadlines in the future.

FAVORITE MEMORY: participation in Student Council beginning as freshman class representative through vice president, and president played an integral role in my growth as a leader. Leading daily morning meetings on school days and organizing fundraising events for students and the annual Student Hunger Drive are my most memorable experiences.

Young Journalist

JENNAH DAVISON, daughter of William and Donaa Davison of Eldridge, plans to major in English at Augustana College, Rock Island.


  • Dr. Borlaug Quad-Cities Youth Hunger Summit
  • Art Department Award 2014
  • Honor Roll

ADVICE TO FRESHMAN SELF: I would tell my freshman self not procrastinate; while it’s hard not to, the consequences aren’t worth it. Another is to get involved -- join clubs, extra-curricular activities, etc. Do things that you love. Enjoy high school because it really does go by fast.

FAVORITE MEMORY: I will always remember the memories my class and I had. Our class is very small, which allows us to have a closer bond with each other. We had our good and bad moments, yet the times we had together were priceless.

CLASS 2014

Jennah Davison, Summer Lawrence, Victoria Mbakwe, Amanda McVey, Shravya Pothula and MingSui Tang.

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