A Spring Saunter

Student Council election season brings out original campaign posters and a presidential debate.

Mr. Charlie wages the war against weeds to keep the campus looking impeccable.

While in science class, the first grade students design a habitat in a box for their stuffed animals.

Upper School Spanish students research the Dream Act in preparation for a debate - in Spanish!

Bright, vibrant artwork from fifth graders adorns Central Hall, making it feel like dinosaurs never went extinct.

"Can this shape be divided into four equal parts?" Ahh ... fractions.

"We are doing the coolest project about the Golden Spike. Look through these 3-D glasses and you can see images of the original event."

Passing by the Early Childhood playground, "What's your name?"
"Mr. Fee"
"Hey, I made the prettiest habitat for a worm. I used dirt. The worm doesn't like mulch. It's alive, but it's not wiggling around. Come over here, and take a look."

Upper School choir students prepare for Thursday's concert - sure to be a stellar performance.

Yard games galore. Middle School P.E. students play Blongo Ball, Washers, and the best Frisbee game ever, Kan-Jam.

Character, Creativity, and Intellect abound at Rivermont in every grade on every day of the year.


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