It Was Rivermont's Wedding of the Year

Once upon a time there was a quiet letter named Q. He fell in love with the unbelievably beautiful Miss U . Q quickly recognized that his life would never be complete without U. Although he was quivering, he dropped to one knee and asked Miss U to become his ultimate bride.

This morning, Mr. Q (Vishnu Movva) and Miss U (Lorelei von Motz) were joined together in phonics matrimony. They pledged the one to the other to have and to hold for spelling and reading and to be the other's letter for life, to go together into words, and to help people win at Scrabble. They vowed to stand side by side in making words such as question, quilt, quarter, and quiet.

The kindergarten class gave witness to the event and promised to always write u after q. Each student gave examples of words they could now make because of q and u's linguistic union. No wedding is complete without a song, so dancing ensued with the classic romantic hit, ABC Song by Greg and Steve. With the power vested in me by the State of Iowa I had the privilege of pronouncing Mr. and Mrs. QU, my first wedding at Rivermont since the Knupptials of 2011.

Thank you to Mrs. Craig for helping coordinate the ceremony and for all who came to celebrate the joining together of two very special letters.


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