A school is only as good as its teachers . . .

and that is especially true of Rivermont.  The reason why we provide such a high quality education is because of our remarkable teachers.  Our teachers daily inspire their students to learn, grow, and achieve. In appreciation of their tireless commitment and admirable devotion, today Rivermont celebrated Marion Crandall Day, a day to honor all of our teachers and to recognize some milestones among the faculty and staff.

Ms. Livingstone Pokora serves as Rivermont's Senior Master. For thirty years she has taught the English language through literature, writing, speech, composition, creative writing, and much more. Recently she published Alumni Connections, combining three of her loves - writing, photography, and The School.

Mrs. Weeks started teaching Spanish at St. Katharine's - St. Mark's twenty-five years ago. Now the Middle School and Upper School Director, Mrs. Weeks still teaches Spanish at the Upper School level. Mrs. Weeks has organized and led student trips abroad and continues to coordinate trips such as Manito-Wish. A proud mother of three alumni and grandmother of two current Lions, we join in celebration of twenty-five years well served.

Mrs. Ashby joined Rivermont ten years ago. A passionate and innovative Lower School teacher, Mrs. Ashby engages her students in un'bee'lievable ways. Her love for teaching is only surpassed by her love for her students. Thank you for a decade of dedication.

Mrs. Turner also started teaching at Rivermont ten years ago. A member of the Middle School and Upper School English faculty, Mrs. Turner teaches a wide range of students and does so with compassion and with class. My former classroom neighbor and fellow adviser, I admire the great connection she creates with her students and the positive influence her presence provides in the Middle School Commons.

Mrs. Tomlinson came to Rivermont five years ago as Miss McCarty. Her art instruction inspires us all, and we daily enjoy the benefits of a campus beautified by student art projects. Her cheery disposition and collaborative mindset cannot be confined to the Carriage House but follow wherever she strides.

In addition to the teachers, we say thank you to Mrs. Field for thirty loyal years in the business office. Her knowledge of all things Rivermont amazes me! Mrs. Amber Weeks, for five years now, has lent us her hands and her heart in Early School as an aide. For the same five years the mother-daughter team of Diane Hemphill and Shawna Thrap has kept our buildings clean and shiny. Thank you for your excellent work.

Finally, we say farewell to Ms. Virginia Ewoldt, who is retiring after thirty years of teaching strings at Rivermont. Ms. Ewoldt has influenced the lives of numerous students throughout the years, fostering a love for music and delighting in the progress that was made by students over the years. We wish for Ms. Ewoldt's retirement to be filled with a symphony of peace, love, and joy.


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