International Week at Rivermont

Hola. Bonjour. Hallo. Ni hao. Ciao. Konnichiwa. Aloha. Guten tag. Namaste. On Monday I received every single one of these greetings from various Rivermont students. To which I often responded zdravstvuyte. Monday marked the beginning of International Week for Rivermont as Hello Day, encouraging students to say hello in another language, and the Lower School students participated with great gusto.

After lunch on Tuesday I stopped by the souvenir table. The five Eiffel Towers on display undoubtedly made Mme. Fee smile. Paper currency from Fiji and New Zealand accompanied coins from Australia, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Switzerland. I am not sure if Queen Elizabeth has even been to all of the countries on whose money her image appears. Matroyshki, the beautifully painted Russian nesting dolls, fondly reminded me of my frequent visits to Izmailovo Market, the massive outdoor souvenir fair in Moscow. On the table sat a giant wooden bunny (not quite as large as the one proposed by Sir Bedevere) with a sharp blade protruding from its mouth. The coconut rabbit was used in Thailand to grate the coconut flesh while in the husk. Christopher was thoughtful enough to leave a handwritten note, granting permission to look through his Peruvian postcards. Thank you, Chris.

T-Shirt Day followed Hat Day, so over the past couple of days I saw berets, sombreros, and what looked like a wizard's hat. One t-shirt notified me that there are no kangaroos in Austria. A senior from Kazan, Russia, proudly wore her t-shirt from Kazan, Russia. I also spotted many soccer, er, football jerseys from around the world. Everyone was in the spirit for International Week.

Tomorrow marks the culmination of International Week. Students and teachers alike are encouraged to wear costumes from around the world. After school the International Food Festival begins. Tables lining Central Hall will be filled with delicious food - some spicy, some sweet, all special. At Rivermont we are proud of and thankful for the diverse cultures that are represented, a unique attribute of our school that is spotlighted by the festivities of International Week.


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