Tidbits from January

The Upper School students participated in the 2016 Iowa Youth Presidential Straw Poll. Rivermont's voting resulted in a tie for the Republican candidates - Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, while Bernie Sanders won in a landslide for the Democratic candidates. The outcome reflected the statewide results - Trump (25%), Rubio (19%), and Sanders (53%). I heard Mr. Knupp was one of the write-in candidates!

Middle School girls' basketball is underway, and the team has an exciting opportunity to play during halftime of the Augustana game on February 3.

Parents' Council arranged for a roller skating event on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that was well attended by Rivermont families. It helped lure us out of our houses on a very cold wintry day to get some good exercise and share some smiles with fellow students.

The Dumpster Divers, a Rivermont robotics team, won the Gracious Professionalism award at the State Robotics competition held at Iowa State University, and Asha Alla received the Grace Hopper Award for Core Values and Leadership.

Academic Fair preparation is underway. I have seen several tri-fold boards unloaded from vehicles during morning drop-off. When I recently stepped into the second-grade classroom, the students were diligently researching their selected president. I heard some interesting facts about George Washington's teeth and Teddy Roosevelt's childhood. The kindergarteners shared with me which birds they have selected to explore, and apparently horned owls don't actually have horns. Who knew?

The junior kindergarten classroom learned about Michelangelo from Mrs. Connie Wheeler during Welcome Back Week. One of the activities included painting under the table while lying on their backs. How fun!

Every day is an adventure at Rivermont, and we are thankful that your child is along for the journey.


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