Educating the Whole Child

We will continue to cultivate the education of the whole child, secure in our institutional pillars of Intellect, Character, and Creativity, so says Rivermont's 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. The whole child - that's a pretty heady task.  It implies that we engage the student intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  Reflecting on recent events held at Rivermont over a brief four-day span, I attest to cultivating an environment that promotes whole child education.

Last Saturday Rivermont hosted the Thomas Hansen League of the FIRST Tech Challenge for a robotics meet.  Thirteen area teams participated, including Rivermont's own Team Flatline and Team Import*. The cafeteria was filled with tool kits, smart phones, and palpable brain power.  In the gymnasium, teams collaborated and competed, using the robots to move blocks and balls to designated areas and bins within the arena.  Engineering, programming, teamwork, communication, and creativity were among the qualities on display throughout the day. Special thanks to Mr. Kvapil and Mr. Scott for their hard work in making the day a reality.

This past Monday the Upper School Theatre class treated the audience to a Shakespeare Showcase. Eight male students amazed us with their deft grasp of Shakespearian language, performing snippets from Julius Caesar, Much Ado about Nothing, and Midsummer Night's Dream, among others. The class wrote their own transitions between the pieces and hosted a sparkling juice and cheese reception after the performance. Bravo to the cast under the direction of Mrs. Skaggs. And bravo to Bill the Bard.

On Tuesday night Rivermont basketball teams took the court. The Middle School continued to show its remarkable improvement from the beginning of the season, winning their game against Colona. Eighteen 5th-8th grade boys are participating, many of whom are playing organized basketball for the very first time. After the game more than a dozen girls from pre-school to third grade wowed the audience with the cheers they learned from the Upper School cheerleaders during the Cheer Clinic. Roar. The Upper School varsity team gave a valiant effort against Faith Christian in the second game of the evening. From tiny to tall, each student poured forth his/her energy with excitement and enthusiasm.

Even more impressive than the variety of events themselves is the number of students that participated in more than one of these activities. Rivermont provides opportunities for students to pursue many different interests and explore experiences that stretch their comfort zones.  Educating the whole child is a significant and worthwhile endeavor, and one that undoubtedly is being accomplished by Rivermont Collegiate!


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