Welcome Back Week

Welcome Back! I trust your winter break was wondrous in every way. It was great to see the students return to campus, complete with snow gear in their arms and smiles on their faces. In addition to our current students, this week we have also welcomed back former students and teachers.

During one lunch period Upper School students filled the Mansion Reading Room to hear from recent Rivermont graduates Adam Dada (Cal-Berkeley), Lauren Sears (Lake Forest), and Lolly Telleen (Wash U). The college freshmen shared their experiences about dorm life, registering for classes, life without a car, engaging in study groups, missing home-cooked meals, and much, much more. Fellow freshmen, Ryan Howell (Edgewood College) and Michal Porubcin (Columbia University), were also on campus a couple of days this week, helping out in the gym, the classroom, and the computer labs. Thank you, Class of 2015, for representing your class well during Welcome Back Week.

Former second grade teacher, Margy Dobbelaere, taught a unit about Cinderella to the fourth graders. She brought dozens of versions of the fairy tale for the students to view and read. Mrs. Asbhy and I recognized the version read by us as children (thus, the authorized version). The children also learned about variations of the story from culture to culture by looking at the books in different languages. The children were enthralled, and it looked like Mrs. Dobbelaere was having a pretty good time, too!

Dr. Paula Arnell visited the first grade classroom and shared with the students pictures from the 1988 edition of The Wheel. Among the familiar faces on the pages of that yearbook were Ms. Livingstone Pokora (on the faculty page) and Mrs. Schroeder (on a student page). Although the hairstyles have changed along with many of the names, it was evident that Intellect, Character, and Creativity were being fostered then as it continues to be developed today among our current Rivermont Family.

There were many other guests that graced us with their presence on campus this week and some virtually by Skype, more than I can name here. To each one and to those who helped make the arrangements, I say thank you. It is always great to see you. Once a Lion, always a Lion.


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