Muy Bueno

I always find it a bit disappointing when someone says, "I took two years of Spanish in high school, but I can't speak a word." I find it even more disappointing when I am the one making the statement. On a recent rainy afternoon students, teachers, and parents gathered in the auditorium for Rivermont's first Spanish Poetry Recital.

Sixteen students from four different classes stood on the stage, introduced themselves (in Spanish), briefly described the poet (in Spanish), and then proceeded to recite by memory a poem (in Spanish). The students delivered the lines with passion and with confidence. There was kneeling, hands over hearts, and dramatic pauses - all of the good things one would expect during a poetry recital.

These Rivermont students will have a different proclamation when asked about their Spanish experience in high school. The Spanish program, beginning in pre-school at Rivermont, prepares our students to converse at a high level by the time they graduate. Spanish conversation, Spanish composition, and Spanish film and literature are among the classes offered at a high school level.

Thank you to Sra. Schmelzer for organizing and promoting the recital, to Sra. Borderia from Augustana for serving as a judge, and to all the students for their excellent effort. What an outstanding opportunity for our students! Muy bueno.


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