What is OLE Day?

OLE DayMaybe it's because my birthday is in the fall. Maybe it's because I love football. Maybe it's because harvest is so meaningful to a farm family. For whatever reason fall is my favorite season. Wednesday marked the autumnal equinox, so now it's official. Let the crisp days and earlier nights begin. Put on some soup and pour a mug of apple cider. Behold the brilliant masterpiece of fall foliage. Fall is finally here, so I encourage you to join me in celebrating this sensational season.

One way to fully enjoy fall is by spending time outside. That is exactly what Early and Lower School will be doing on Friday during OLE Day. When I first heard of OLE Day at Rivermont, I thought it was a day for cheering at a soccer match, but I have since learned that it stands for Outdoor Learning Experience. The Early School students will be heading to McManus Park and the Lower School students will be traveling to Camp Abe Lincoln for a day full of exciting learning opportunities.

Another storied fall tradition at Rivermont is Homecoming. The festivities begin on Monday with Spirit Week. Each day will give students an occasion to sport their school spirit by dressing according to the theme. Next Friday night you will have the opportunity to cheer on both the Middle School and Varsity volleyball squads to victory against Quad City Christian. The week culminates with the Homecoming Dance on Saturday for the Upper School students and their guests.

Sorry, Andy Williams, but I would argue that fall is the hap-happiest season of all.


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