Rivermont Founder's Day Fun Run

I had never heard of a Fun Run, much less participated in one. Perhaps I viewed running as a necessary evil - morning exercise as an attempt to counteract a late night milkshake. So, the idea of placing run and fun adjacently captured my attention. I had to check out the Rivermont Founder's Day Fun Run.

Sporting green (Go, Imps!) and orange (Go, Tigers!) t-shirts, the students ran around the grassy track with smiles on their faces. A rolling DJ van blared the latest popular music. Periodically, the running ceased, the students flocked to the center of the field, and danced to The Hokey Pokey or Gangnam Style. In my shirt and tie, I would challenge students to a race. I tried to find students who were already tired, and then race them for about a quarter of a lap, celebrating each triumph. This was truly a fun run. Who knew?

In addition to the laughter, tunes, and workout, the students were raising money for Rivermont through its Parents' Council. The funds, which were raised via per lap pledges and flat donations, were later used for transportation, supplies, and resources that directly benefited the students. The Fun Run is the primary annual fund-raising event for Parents' Council, and the impact on our school is tremendous.
I invite you to join us for Friday's Founder's Day Fun Run. There are many ways to participate - you can volunteer, cheer, and donate. Help us put the Fun in Run.


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