Last Day of First Quarter

Last Day of First Quarter. As hard as it is to believe, that is precisely what it says on my school calendar for today. It seems like only last weekend that we were wearing our cowboy hats and red bandanas for Unpack Your Backpack night, but the calendar tells me it was 62 days ago. So much has happened here at Rivermont during those 62 days, a tremendous start to the school year worthy of verse.

How exciting, it's the first day of school -
Mom, I met Respect Man, isn't that cool?

Upper School students to Wisconsin went
A week of climbing and camping there spent.

For students of each age The Run was Fun
But in the end, it was the Imps that won.

Outdoor Learning, much to see, much to do
A trail to hike, a trip in a canoe.

Homecoming - we showed our spirit all right
A dance and a game - Go, Red, Black, and White!

To a team called ISACS we served as hosts,
With students like ours, it's hard not to boast.

Braveheart, Hot Lava, Frisbee - games galore.
PE Night outside - who could ask for more?

First quarter concludes with a project and test
For the rest of the year, please do your best!


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