Highlights from the ISACS Visit

Last week we hosted twelve educators and administrators from throughout the Midwest. As part of the ISACS accreditation process, for two days they sat in classrooms, talked to teachers, met with parents, read our reports, and asked many, many questions. After their extensive observations, they had some very nice things to say about Rivermont, and I want to share some of those with you, because who, after all, doesn't like to hear very nice things?

The visiting team rightly recognized Rivermont for what it is - a family. Rivermont faculty and staff care for the students in a way that transcends an academic setting. The greetings exchanged daily on the Rivermont campus are genuine expressions of concern and familiarity more often associated with a living room than a schoolroom, and for that atmosphere we were commended.

This type of nurturing environment would not be possible if it were not for committed teachers and staff. The visiting team witnessed the tremendous devotion from out Rivermont faculty and staff, applauding the creativity and flexibility exhibited by our Rivermont team. I have the privilege of leading these exceptional educators every day, but it is especially gratifying to know that their excellent effort is evident to others as well.

Although the visiting team was not present to witness the program in action, our Summer at Rivermont received special mention as an area where we are offering quality education to the entire community. Under the direction of Mrs. Leigh Ann Schroeder, Summer at Rivermont continues to be wildly successful, and Mrs. Schroeder emailed me just today about next summer's dates! Stay tuned.

And last but not least. What would a school be without students? The visiting team was duly impressed by the character of our Rivermont students. They are polite, considerate, thoughtful, well-spoken, respectful, confident, and I could go on. Our students - your children and grandchildren - are top notch, and that's not merely my biased opinion. What the visiting team observed for two days last week was not an anomaly or some contrived act but character that is the defining standard of a Rivermont student.

So, as I have shared very nice things with you, why don't you share some very nice things with others? Thank a teacher. Compliment your child. Affirm an administrator. It takes all of us working together to make Rivermont succeed, and I'm grateful to be a part of the family!


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