Fill Up the Sack with Tuna and Chili

My exposure to people suffering severe food shortage situations abroad and here in the U.S. has caused me to refrain from blithely using the phrase I'm starving, because it has never accurately applied to me. Sure, I feel hungry when I eat dinner late after having a salad for lunch, but authentic hunger has never haunted my restless nights or consumed my waking thoughts. However, there are people who live as our neighbors in the Quad Cities for whom hunger is a daily reality.
This past Monday kicked off River Bend Foodbank's 30th Student Hunger Drive. Many students from our Upper School performed a skit at our all school assembly Monday to promote the Hunger Drive and then performed later that night, winning second place at the kick-off competition. Every student in the school can participate in this effort by donating nonperishable food items.

Over the course of the next several weeks you may hear about competitions between Imps and Tigers, prizes for the most food brought in, relaxed dress code, and other incentives. But at the heart of the Hunger Drive is doing the right thing - helping feed those who are hungry. At Rivermont we call that Character, and that is one of the virtues of our school that I prize so dearly. We are teaching students that character matters and giving them an opportunity to actively improve our community by meeting a most fundamental need.

Rivermont students have impressed me year after year by their generosity. The school has frequently won its category for the most food donated, contributing well over 10,000 pounds in recent years. I understand that life is busy, and that commitments are manifold. However, I encourage you to consider the value of giving freely to others. So, when your child asks to bring in some extra cans of food this month, please commend him or her for demonstrating character, and fill up that sack with tuna and chili, so that Rivermont wins and hunger loses.


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