Company's Coming

Company's coming. As a child, these words really meant extra work. Everyone would pitch in around the house. While my mom baked her magic in the kitchen, I would dust, my brother would make his bed, and my dad would vacuum. Our goal was to get the house in order, so that when the doorbell rang, we would be relaxing on the couch, as if we hadn't lifted a finger.

Next week at Rivermont, company's coming. The visiting accreditation team from ISACS (Independent Schools Association of the Central States) will consist of educators and administrators from independent schools throughout the Midwest. As part of our seven-year accreditation cycle, a team visits campus to observe and evaluate our practices and ensure that we are meeting or exceeding standards suitable for accreditation. Additionally, representatives from Iowa's Department of Education will visit campus to learn more about the accreditation process for private schools.

In preparation for our guests, the faculty, staff, and administration have been doing extra work. Last year, we compiled a 127-page self-study document that assesses every aspect of the school. Our task was to determine the strengths, challenges, plans, and priorities of each of the 34 functional components of the school. I express my gratitude for the impressive effort of each individual involved in the process and especially to Shalar Knupp, the coordinator of this massive undertaking.

While the accreditation team is on campus, they will be observing classes, talking to students and teachers, asking questions, and taking notes. Parents are invited to visit with the accreditation team on Tuesday, October 6 at 8:30 in the Becherer Hall Media Center. This will be an opportunity to share with the team your parental perspective of the school.

This entire process provides tremendous benefit to Rivermont. By taking a critical look at our methods and practices, we noticed opportunities for improvement that we have already addressed for this school year. Furthermore, there are some challenges that can best be detected by external observation. The team is able to view Rivermont with fresh, unbiased eyes and provide meaningful feedback about what we are doing well, how we can improve, and recommendations for future progress.

Although extra work was required, in the end we will be the better for company coming.


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